Expertly Repairing Your Well-Loved Vehicle In Swindon, Wiltshire

Optimise the performance of your trusted vehicle by allowing Fred, a first-class mechanic, to take expert care of it. Simply pay a visit to Fred's Workshop, in Swindon, Wiltshire, when you are in need of expert car or vehicle repairs.

Trust a Talented Mechanic

Renowned for his expertise, Fred, a skilled mechanic, is the sole operator of Fred's Workshop, an independent auto maintenance garage in Swindon. Fred makes certain your vehicle is in top-notch condition by offering essential garage services, including repairs and upgrades. Being the sole technician, Fred speaks to you directly, meaning you do not have to go through a receptionist.

Stop By for Your Service

Look no further than Fred's Workshop when you are in search of a simple, affordable service with fair rates. Although Fred is not involved with bodywork, he specialises in engine tuning, brake piping, and electrical work. For your added satisfaction, Fred also sets up MOT repairs with an affiliate garage for you. Fred offers:

Stop By for Your Service

  • MOT Preparation

  • Fault Code Reading

  • Diagnostics

  • Brake Replacements

  • Clutch Work

  • Hydrolastic Suspension Pumping

Offering Specialist Custom Work

To complement his custom brake piping services, Fred assists DIY mechanics with specialty parts. Whether you need bearings pressed off shafts, new water pump parts, or heavy press services, Fred's Workshop is your first port of call. Fred has the specialist techniques and machinery you need to complete a top-class repair.

Get In Touch With Fred

Simply get in touch with Fred via telephone or email to arrange an appointment. Alternatively, you may drop by Fred's shop to discuss your auto repair needs. As a reliable mechanic, Fred advises you on any timescales and information you need to know. He even offers accurate quotes completely free of charge prior to carrying out the work.

Receive a Prompt Service

Whether you are the proud owner of a small car or large vehicle, Fred delivers a friendly, reliable, and service. As a prompt, polite mechanic, Fred offers a quick turnaround, ordering and obtaining parts in next to no time at all. Fred always does his best to accommodate your budget, and offers highly competitive prices.

Contact Fred, in Swindon, Wiltshire, to discover more about the specialist car and vehicle repairs available at Fred's Workshop.

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